Boundless in the city is a movement sharing the lived experience of disability with a look toward a future limited only by our imagination. No longer in the periphery—we ask: 

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Maybe Tuesday

Maybe Tuesday, Stella Palikarova's first film, is a 22-minute autobiographical dance dreamscape that fearlessly explores disability, sex, voyeurism and the search for love.

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Broken is a digital storytelling project that depicts my experience of fragmentation as a woman with a disability who is recovering from multiple leg fractures and losing her husband as a result of his mental illness and those injuries. I demonstrate my visual and narrative ability to tackle raw emotionality.

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After Goodbye 

After Goodbye is a first-person short film following my experiences of the loss of a romantic relationship and emergent search for meaning, from my unique perspective as a woman with a physical disability. Borrowing from Brechtian traditions of self-reflection and the stylistic language of a film essay, the film illustrates a more "nuanced reality" of disability within a dynamic socio-political and cultural context that is ever changing in its production and reproduction of the self and society.

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Agit Prop

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"The emphasis remains on what people with disabilities “do” and “how they act” rather than how we feel about our selves"


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Fully Exposed Podcast :

The Fully Exposed podcast is up!

Fully Exposed is a podcast that explores the taboo and unconventional in an attempt to educate your ass. Rooted in truth, which is sometimes ugly and often difficult to talk about, we explore social issues and unconventional lifestyles to show that life is never black or white. Fully Exposed will be released bi-weekly on Mondays! 


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Speaking Engagements

TAVA CONFERENCE 2018 : February 8th, 2018

TANGLED ARTS : May 4th, 2018


Anne Johnston Health Station : June 11, 2018


TAVA 2018 Conference : 

Thinking Beyond Barriers- Supporting Volunteers with Physical and Mobility Disabilities (Presented by Stella Palikarova)

This dynamic, solutions-focused session will explore opportunities for supporting volunteers with physical and mobility disabilities. Stella Palikarova will draw from lived experience to provide an understanding of physical and attitudinal barriers, as well as economic and support(s) related factors that impact volunteers with disabilities. This session will provide plenty of food-for-thought for volunteer engagement professionals who want to transform barriers into opportunities.

Stella Palikarova is an interdisciplinary artist, international guest speaker, and social justice activist working to bring the lived experience of disability into pop culture. She is a first generation Canadian, refugee from communist Bulgaria, has a physical, congenital disability and uses a power wheelchair. Stella has over 17 years of experience in event planning, public-speaking, advocacy and running seminars and workshops on disability-related themes including: sexuality, education, employment, personal support worker management, cross-platform physical and social accessibility, and women with disabilities.