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Fully Exposed

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Episode 8
Host : Jessica Beuker

Where Stella talks about:

• Her unique personal experiences growing up with a visible disability
• Early experiences of sex, dating and relationships and how those differed from those of the people around her
• The connection – and disconnection – between sex and disability
• How she got involved in disability activism and why it’s an important part of her work
• Previous projects and events that she’s created, as well as upcoming projects that focus on sex and disability
• Creating the world’s first disabled play party and using shock value to get the public’s attention  
• Her personal dating experiences and stories
• Differences in the way that women with disabilities and men with disabilities experience dating
• The lack of visibility and representation of people with disabilities in mainstream media
• How this lack of representation affects her personally
• Good representations and bad representations in the media
• What’s next for Stella and connecting with her on social media 

Fully Exposed is a podcast that explores the taboo and unconventional in an attempt to educate your ass. Rooted in truth, which is sometimes ugly and often difficult to talk about, we explore social issues and unconventional lifestyles to show that life is never black or white. Fully Exposed will be released bi-weekly on Mondays! 

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Disability & Accessibility

This week we welcome Andrew Morrison-Gurza and Stella Palikarova, creators of #DeliciouslyDisabled and Deliciously Disabled: a disability awareness consulting and motivational speaking company that strives to bring disability into pop culture and raise awareness surrounding the lived experiences of people with disabilities. We talk about creating conversations around disability that are based in positivity that both Persons with Disabilities and non-disabled individuals can use when discussing disability. We also discuss how to expand the conversation of sex and disability into all of our sex education.

The Bed Post 

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Episode 26- Stella Palikarova

Join host Erin Pim as she welcomes Stella Palikarova (of Deliciously Disabled fame) to the podcast.  Listen to this enlightening, honest episode as Stella and Erin talk about fully accessible play parties, disabled dating, and products to facilitate the disabled sex experience.