Stella Palikarova


  • Master of Information 2016, University of Toronto - Full Academic Fellowship


  • 2009-2010, Masters SSHRC Award Recipient: Proposal: “Sociological and ethical implications of the cyborgization of people with physical disabilities: a unification of Transhumanist and Critical Disabilities theory.”


  • 2009-2010, Ontario Graduate Student Scholarship award recipient (OGS)


  • 2007, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours double major in Film & Psychology, York University, summa cum laude

Merit-based Awards and Scholarships

Masters SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) 

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) 

University of Toronto Fellowship - 

Florence Partridge Scholarship - 

Winters College Fellowship - 

E.S. Rogers Film & Video Scholarship

Ethel Armstrong Bursary for Students with Disabilities

The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons Bursary

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), Awards Division: Imperial Tobacco
Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students

Conrad Bursary

The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons Bursary

Award of Distinction: Betty Jean and John M. Bankes Entrance Scholarship

York University Entrance Scholarship

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), Canadian Awards Program: Imasco
Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students

Nova Scotia Educators Association: Forest Fyfe Memorial Award 



Muscular Dystrophy Association (Ontario Chapter)

  • Active member 2000-Present
  • Chapter Representative (Nova Scotia) 1988-1996
  • Schulich Toastmasters Club 2007
  • Special Library Association Events Co-coordinator 2009-2013


Computer Software proficiency:

  • Raiser’s Edge database proficiency.
  • Web: Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and other web-based e-mail.
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (and previous versions): Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Premier, After Effects
  • Final Cut Editing Suite


❖Entrepreneur: Col-founder and Co-director of Deliciously Disabled, an organization that seeks to bring the lived experience of disability into pop culture.

❖ Management and budgeting: extensive experience in budgeting and managing a staff of six support workers at a time, including hiring and training. Bookkeeping for a budget of $70,000 annually.

❖ 20+ years experience as a multimedia artist with a disability: music, writing, film, and dance

❖ 15 years experience Public speaking and professional writing

❖  10 years of experience in event planning and marketing

❖ Ten years of experience in inter-disciplinary research, and research synthesis

❖ Produced, scripted and directed Canada Council for the Arts funded film, “Maybe Tuesday,” exploring romantic relationships, sexuality, and the inter-subjective experience of disability through dance.

❖ Comprehensive ability with Microsoft Office Suite for Mac and Windows, Final Cut Pro, Premier

❖Tri-lingual: English, Polish and Bulgarian



Self-manager of Care Services
Centre for Independent Living (CILT)
Toronto, 2011 - Present

  • Ongoing recruitment, hiring, training, scheduling and termination of a staff of 5 to 6 personal support workers for daily personal care needs.
  • Budgeting and bookkeeping of payroll, approximately $70,000+ dollars annually.

Co-founder/Co- Director
Deliciously Disabled Consulting Inc.
Toronto, March ’15-July ‘16

  • Co-created and run all programming, web design, and marketing for disability consulting organization which promotes e frank discussion about the lived experience of disability.
  • Education, consulting, event-planning and other programming in areas including: sexuality, attendant care, academics and career-planning, physical and social accessibility.
  • Global on-site, remote, and new media interaction. It is our mission to enable people with and without disabilities to talk about how disability feels. Every voice is valued. 
  • Production of disability media content, including YouTube content.

Co-Director Events & Programming, Board of Directors
The Rose Centre for Love, Sex and Disability
May, 14-June 15

  • New Board Member of Exciting Charitable Organization, and the only one of its kind in Canada, founded by Tim and Natalie Rose that focuses on the positive representations of love, sex and disability.
  • I will be co-developing programming that is free and open to all, helping to run creative campaigns that strive to encourage people to think differently, as well as engaging in talks and presentations.

Special Needs Tutor
Vanier Assistive Devices Program, York University

  • 10 years demonstrated proficiency navigating York University Libraries databases in conducting research across disciplines.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully build relationships with students with various disabilities by accurately assessing and addressing individual learning needs, making assistive software purchase recommendations, and outlining future tutoring goals.
  • After first year, was assigned difficult/challenging students, due to supervisor’s observation of marked ability.

Research Assistant 
Dr. Sara Grimes, University of Toronto
July ’14-Sept.‘14

  • Assembled comprehensive literature review surveying special topics related to video gamers with disabilities including access and universal design of adaptive gaming interfaces currently being used and developed.

Dr. Twyla Gibson, University of Toronto
May ’12-2013

  • Conducted research and updated references for Dr. Gibson forthcoming publication, “The Hippocratic Oath and the Code of Ethics in Medicine”.
  • Paraphrased above publication as a step toward a future co-authored publication.
  • Conducted a comprehensive impact-ranking survey of Bioethics journals toward the aim of publication.

Special Library Association (SLA)
Events Coordinator
Sept. 2009-2012

  • Recruited by OLA Executive to take on the volunteer role of Events Co-Coordinator for the Toronto chapter of this professional association (only current student volunteer to be given an official role).
  • Demonstrated efficiency in planning all event aspects from location scouting/securing to meal planning and provision on limited budget.

Market Intelligence Intern 
MaRS Discovery District

  •  Assisted Director of Market Intelligence with compilation of data on all water-related businesses in Ontario through: web research, synthesis and organization on information in Excel, document formatting and layout.
  • Commend for thoroughness in completing detailed profiles on top water researchers in Ontario.

Developmental/Research Assistant
Women’s College Hospital Foundation, Toronto

  • Selected from pool of 500 applicants for full-time, seven-week contract position, based on demonstrated research capacity, attention to detail, promptness, and efficacy as volunteer at Women’s College Hospital Archives.
  • Contract extended as a part-time position from home, based on superior summer position performance.
  • Commended for thoroughness, insight, and promptness in answering complex research/reference queries and completing detailed prospect profiles. 
  • Familiarity with Raiser’s Edge, database updating and use.

Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Master of Information Student Council, University of Toronto 2008-2009

  • Elected by student body to oversee academic concerns of student through liaison with class representatives.
  • Acting representative for student body on academic concerns, which I bring to appropriate faculty members.


Use of Archival Records in Prospect Researching
for Not-for- Profit Organizations
Women’s College Hospital, Toronto

  • Identification and evaluation of record series maintained by the Archives that could assist the Women’s College Hospital Foundation with potential fundraising opportunities.
  • Development of effective strategies for transfer of information housed in the archives into the Foundation’s information database; storage, and access of this information.

Short film, "Maybe Tuesday"
2006, 2010

  • Produced, scripted, and directed film funded by Canada Council for the Arts exploring romantic relationships, sexuality, and the inter-subjective experience of disability through dance.

Events and Promotions Co-ordinator
Family Care Office, University of Toronto
Sept. 2008-2009

  • Successfully assisted in co-ordinating office events and educational workshops in fundraising, advocating through letter-writing initiative. Quick and comprehensive resources compilation of hotel directory for visiting students; book reviews.

Transcriptions Assistant
Accessibility Services, Scott Library, York University

  • Commended for thorough editing of scanned materials for visually impaired undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Took initiative to demonstrate a new method to supervisor for expediting editing process.

Guide Author/Facilitator
Office for Persons with Disabilities, York University
2000, 2001, 2003

  • Approached by office supervisor, Karen Swartz, to create a Disability Guide for Student Orientation Leaders and a Critical Response Guide.
  • Successfully executed duties: guide design/layout, liaison to York administration and disability-related offices at universities across Canada, interviews with undergraduate/graduate students and alumni from York, creation and distribution of information packages to students across Canada.

Student Orientation Leader
Winters College, York University
2000, 2001, 2002

  • Selected from a large candidate-pool to lead and facilitate week-long student events/activities.
  • Successfully adapted to a 24-hour, on-call schedule, often running events in high-stress environment following irregular/minimal sleep.

Vice President of Social/Cultural Affairs
Director of Social Cultural/Affairs
First-Year Representative
Winters College Student Council, York University

  • Effectively worked within a hierarchical organization in balancing duty-distribution with reporting/accountability to superiors.
  • Quickly adapted to a fast-paced, rapidly-changing student environment.
  • Successfully conceived of, planned, oversaw and executed all aspects of various social/cultural events: trips to Montreal, Wonderland, and Casinorama; karaoke nights, Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day fundraisers for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Ontario Chapter); year-end formals; theme nights, movie nights, etc.
  • Managed all financial aspects: book-keeping, bargaining, and financial reporting, related to event- planning, with allocated event funds exceeding $70,000.

Peer Health Educator/Counsellor
Health Education and Promotion

Office of Student Affairs, York University

  • Actively and readily involved in educating/counselling students on various, relevant, issues,including: alcohol/drug abuse, healthy sexuality, rape prevention/reporting, nutrition, and stress management.
  • Took initiative in developing educational programs and displays used during Orientation week and throughout the school year.

Office for Persons with Disabilities, York University

  • Invited to become a peer mentor, based on vast/varied experience with disability issues.
  • Successfully aided a first-year student with a visual disability in adjusting to/navigating the challenges and stresses associated with university life.

Assistant Stage Manager
Neptune Theatre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Assisted with planning and notation of blocking (stage directions) for actors.
  • Managed daily schedules for actors and company activity.
  • Notation of director feedback for the actors.
  • Served as information medium between Director, Stage Manager and actors.